In the words of our new champion djps150, Season 4 of FIFA World Leagues Predictor was: “Thrilling, complicated and interesting”.

The Venezuelan claimed an incredible grand prize for his predictor efforts – a trip for two to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil! We spoke to our big winner just days after his massive victory. So djps150, how do you feel about winning this competition?
I feel happy, grateful and lucky for having finished first in a competition with over 90,000 participants from all over the world. I’m also so proud to see the name of my country, Venezuela, at top of the classification.

What do you think separated you from the rest of the challengers?
Patience, faith and perseverance. I was confident in each and every prediction I made. I also did a lot of analysis before making predictions.

It was a really close finish. You finished just 28 points ahead of Master1000.
The top five predictors finished very close. Obviously all were good predictors and some of them even scored more points than me in the last round. It was not easy to predict the final ten games, and yes, I was nervous about it, but I kept my confidence.

Did you have a favourite round of the season?
It has to be the last round, because I was fighting to win the whole thing. I lived the last round thrilled, with some anxiety and nervousness. I followed the matches on TV and online. I was on observing how the standings were changing with each final result. There were a couple of hours that I was second to Elalfy, but I kept my composure.

When did you realize that you had won Season 4?
I only realized I had won once all the matches were finished. I refreshed the overall leaderboard several times until I saw my name up there. At first I sort of didn’t believe it, but when I was sure I was truly happy.

So who will you take with you to Brazil in 2014?
My girlfriend, without a doubt! She inspired me to win the competition.

To all the thousands of predictors that participated in Season 4. Thank you for all your hard work. We hope you enjoyed the season. Enjoy the break and remember to join us in a few weeks for the start of another exciting season of FIFA World Leagues Predictor!