Venezuela's Croata predicted his way to a sensational prize as he claimed Castrol’s 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Predictor Challenge. With today’s launch of FIFA World Leagues Predictor Season 4, spoke to the world champion and asked him to share some tips and insights into playing the game. Up for grabs in Season 4 are 35 fantastic weekly prizes along with an unbeatable Grand Prize - a trip to the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

Croata, first of all congratulations on your remarkable  achievement. Will you be playing Season 4 of FIFA World Leagues Predictor?
Yeah, I will participate in the fourth season and I hope to be among the winners.

What do you think of the FIFA World Leagues Predictor game?
It's excellent and complete. It gives you the chance to win fantastic prizes. I also really like how it includes all the Member Associations of FIFA. For me, there's no other game like this; it's the best one.

What guidelines, if any, did you follow in making your predictions during the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
Particularly, I based my bets on two things: Statistics and what the teams showed during the tournament. My personal rule was to make my decision after checking a few factors that could influence the games.

You have been a club member for over three years now? What do you enjoy most about the Club?
What I enjoyed the most is actually the games, where we all can play for free. Also the fact of having access to the best and breaking news on the world of football. The games I enjoy the most are the Predictor and the Fantasy, I must say.

What is your advice for all the FIFA World Leagues Predictors?
My advice is simple: always make your predictions on time before the next round and always check the stats. They are great help. I wish the best to all of you in this new season.