Greetings, Club members. By now you my have noticed some of the slick new upgrades we have made to the Club. Here’s a brief overview of what’s new.

The Club House
The renovations are complete. The door is open. Come on in to the Club House! There’s no longer any need to go hunting for the latest fantasy or predictor news, and no longer any reason to feel like you’re missing out on some important community feature or a chance to win big prizes, the Club House ensures that you will always be up to speed with anything club-related the moment you login to the Club.

Club News Archive
While the new Club News section ensures that you receive the latest news, the Club News Archive allows you to dig into the countless club-related articles published on (Just click on the ‘more’ link located at the bottom of the Club News section to visit the archive).

Introducing the 100 per cent club
A brand new club feature, The 100 per cent club honours all those Club members that currently hold the ‘Legend’ rank on - a ranking that is only bestowed on members with an Activity Meter that is bursting at 100 per cent. Simply click on your personal Activity Meter to find out exactly how it works.

We all need friends
We all may be here because of our love for football, but the next best reason to participate in the Club is to make friends. The newly-created ‘Friend Finder’ allows you to search for Club Members by country, favourite national or club team and even by specific games. Adding friends could not be any easier. And remember, adding and accepting friends adds to your activity meter. You can access the Friend Finder from the ‘Club House’ and ‘Friends’ tabs.

Keep track of comments
The redesigned comments section now lets you track the number of comments posted on any of the articles you have commented on. You can also conveniently comment on the weekly 'Have Your Say' from this page and also view the most-commented pages on

Coming soon: Avatars updates
It’s hard work keeping up with fashion conscious footballers. Never fear, very soon you will have access to more accessories, more clothes and more hairstyles to keep your avatar looking sharp and fresh.