As predictors gear up for the Season 3 kick-off of the FIFA World Leagues Predictor, which will commence in early August, caught up with Season 2 silver-medalist Saururrex. The Mexican, whose form helped him to 19 consecutive first-places on the overall leaderboard last season, offered up some predictor hints and tips, while also taking the time to reflect on Season 2's memorable moments. Could you begin by giving us some of your highlights of last season's FIFA World Leagues Predictor?
Saururrex: I had many good moments last season, three of which really stand out: Firstly, I had the chance to meet people of different nationalities and I became friends with many of them. Even if we don't know each other personally, we communicate through the FIFA Club. I'd like to say hi to them!

My second highlight was creating my Season 2 record of 19 consecutive weeks in first place overall. I'd like this record to stand beside the one created by my friend, and Season 2 winner, kammer, who managed to stay in the top ten overall for the whole tournament!

My final highlight was Round 37, the final round. kammer and I wished each other good luck before that round. We fought very hard and we followed our scores live from match to match. That was really exciting!

And your worst moment?
My worst moments were Rounds 27 and 30. I only guessed one correct result in each of those rounds and that affected me a little bit. I wanted to get a record of 10,000 points in the season, but because of these two performances I couldn't reach it.

Any advice for first-time predictors?
Enjoy the game from the beginning to the end and above all, be consistent. Try to play week after week so that you have chance to win the big prize. Also, if you fall out of the running for the big prize, don't lose your motivation because you could be still be one of the weekly winners!

In your opinion what is the key to winning the weekly round and with it a signed FIFA World Cup™ winner's jersey?
Honestly, I believe that there's no key. As we all know, in football nothing has been written in advance and while the ball is rolling during 90 minutes, anything can happen!

One of the secrets that I would like to share with you is: believe in the result that you are predicting. You can check the stats, facts and standings, but when the time comes to make your predictions just be strong and follow your instinct. If you start hesitating and second-guessing yourself then you'll fail. It's always good to be positive, believe me. When you get the first one right, the rest will follow!

What are your expectations for the new season?
My expectations are the same as the last season: to win a trip to the FIFA World Player of the Year Gala! One of my dreams is to visit Europe for the first time and also to see Switzerland - a beautiful country. This new season I'll fight again to make my dreams come true.

What do you like the most about FIFA World League Predictor?
It's very exciting to follow the matches week after week, and even more so when you know that some matches can give you vital points. Even better is to see who's the best between all of your friends! I also really liked the new 'my leagues' format, (my leagues allows you to set up your very own private leagues); it was an awesome and very interesting innovation.

Any final words for your fellow predictors?
As I said before, be positive, trust in your instinct and don't hesitate when you make your predictions. Be consistent, find a goal to follow and try to break your last record. The rest is part of the game. Don't stop enjoying it and, above all, have fun every week my friends! Good luck to everyone!