"Changing the world one football at a time"
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In a country where football is not only viewed as a sport but as a mean to express yourself and leave your pain and suffering outside of the pitch, everyone deserves to enjoy that feeling - To feel untouchable and unbreakable even if it’s only for 90 minutes... although most times it's less. Where losing a game it’s the worst thing that can happen to you, that is until the game is over.

My name is Cristian and I am a Colombian citizen. Once a week, mostly on Sundays, I head out in search of people playing, or trying to play, football and do my best to help them out. The way I help them out is by giving them a football or two. I’ve witnessed how that automatically changes everything for them. How it brings a smile to their faces, how their spirits lift and how a community comes together. And I won’t lie, sometimes I even join in the game. We play, we share a few smiles and laughter. This brings a warm feeling to my heart and reminds me that, even if it doesn’t seem like much, maybe I can change the world for the better. One football at a time.

A Kia Sportage would make a difference in a lot of lives. With it, I would be able to carry more equipment to give away. I could also help transport people who don’t have the means to take a bus to a nearby football pitch. Together with FIFA and Kia we could spread some cheer and allow people to enjoy the sport and have a good time.

Learning some key values like teamwork and leadership while playing football are the drive that we need, the help that we crave and the smiles we must relive. Thank you for this opportunity. Maybe we can change the world one football at a time. Care to join me?

- ChrisBB