The list of men and women to be crowned as the FIFA World Players for 2009 have been cut down to five. But who do you think will be the winners?

Kaka, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta and Xavi are in the running for the men's award, while Inka Grings, Cristiane, Marta, Birgit Prinz and Kelly Smith could claim the women's crown.

But who do you think will emerge triumphant? Can you predict who the captains and coaches from FIFA's 208 member associations will select?

And don't be frightened to give your opinion. Did Cristiano Ronaldo do better than Messi in 2009? Is Xavi a better central midfielder than Kaka - or should Iniesta be crowned above them all?

As for the women, will Prinz or Kelly win it for the strikers, could the award be going back to Brazil or will outsider Inka Grings be revealed as being the number one women's player in the world?

All will be revealed on Monday 21 December in Zurich, but have your say now! Click on 'Add your comment' below to give us your thoughts, remembering to keep your comments clean, respectful, on-topic and in English.