Three-time FIFA Women's World Player of the Year Birgit Prinz has collected silverware on more than 30 occasions in her 13-year career, including the FIFA Women's World Cup twice, the European championship four times, and the German championship on eight occasions.

Prinz finished second at this year's FIFA World Player of the Year Gala at the Zurich Opera House.

Shortly before setting off for the ceremony, Germany's most-capped player spoke to

What was your finest moment in 2007?
It has to be winning the World Cup in China, and especially the moments just after the final whistle.

You've been ranked as one of the best women's players in the world for many years now. How do you feel about making the shortlist for the FIFA Women's World Player of the Year again this year?
I think it's a recognition of past performances, although the highlight will always be winning the World Cup, and we achieved that as a team. A nomination as an individual is nice, but it isn't what really matters.

Of all the many accolades you've won in your career, is one of them more special than any other?
No, I think every trophy counts as very special. Obviously there's a certain hierarchy, but I wouldn't like to rank any one trophy above any other.

Turning to women's football in general, how do you think the game is coming on in Germany and elsewhere?
I think we're developing well. We're moving ahead step-by-step in Germany. After winning the World Cup this year, being awarded the 2011 tournament was important to us in Germany. It'll be an even bigger step forward than we're used to.

And looking forward to the year ahead, what are you hoping for in 2008?
We have the Olympic Games coming up, and we're still in all three competitions at club level, which is actually very important and takes priority. Obviously, I want to keep on improving personally as well.