Brazil's Ronaldinho dedicated his second consecutive FIFA Player of the Year to, "his team mates, his family and God" at tonight's prize ceremony at Zurich Opera House while the two players who had been shortlisted for the first time, Frank Lampard and Samuel Eto'o, were both gracious in defeat - considering it almost a victory to lose to the Barcelona-based magician.

I would like to dedicate this award to all my team mates at my club, my family - who have always stuck by me during the difficult times and to God for given me the health to do what I enjoy doing which is playing football. Any one of us could have won the award, it's a dream come true for all of us.

After winning this award I want to help my team by producing my best form. I want to go on helping my team mates and be worthy of representing the team. I'm getting ready for the World Cup - I want to go back to Brazil with another title.

I'm the happiest man on earth - I play for a great team, I have lots of friends, people appreciate the way I play, they appreciate my club and I want to continue to give happiness.

Frank Lampard:
To come second to Ronaldinho is almost a victory. I'm very happy. To come second is a fantastic achievement for me - there's so many great players in the world. Ronaldinho is so good, he fully deserves to be crowned the best player in the world.

I think I've improved, I work very hard, I train very hard, I'm very ambitious and I want to get better every season. I put my progress down to the hard work I've put in and the help of my team-mates. Playing with good players makes your job a lot easier.

I try to improve every year - this year I came second, next year I will try to come first. It's a big season, a World Cup year, and I'm hoping for success for my teams. When I play I try to contribute to my team whether it's for Chelsea or for England so that's what I'll be looking for next year. Personal awards are good but the team awards are the ones I really want. I would happily swap the World Player award to win the Champions League.

Samuel Eto'o:
Just being able to participate tonight has been worth it for me because in football, the most important thing is not winning but taking part. So for me, the fact that I am here makes me feel like I have already won something.

There aren't words to express what I'm going through as an African. I'm living the dream of every African boy. Can you imagine a guy of 24, who just a few years ago was kicking a ball around in a Cameroon street? This is truly unique and I will cherish this souvenir. I remember George Weah winning this, so for me to be here is unbelievable.