In Zambia, football is undisputedly the most-popular sport. And with this fact in mind, the organization Grassroot Soccer is looking to take advantage of the reach of the beautiful game to increase awareness among children, young people and their parents of the dangers of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), in the country that won the 2012 CAF Africa Cup of Nations.

AIDS is having a significant negative impact in this African nation, where misinformation and ignorance have led to numerous outbreaks of the disease, particularly among the country’s youth.

The aim of Grassroot Soccer is to harness the power of football to combat this and other problems, with the initiative intending to not only benefit the boys and girls that take part, but the adults in their families and social circles too. It achieves this by encouraging those involved to gain more in-depth knowledge of the disease and to pass on what they have learned to the rest of their communities.

In this way, Zambian youngsters will have the opportunity to grow up more safely and healthily, learning how to look after themselves and help ensure that future generations can eventually be free of this terrible disease.

Take a look at how football is being used as a tool for good in Zambia, in this video produced by FIFA TV and