Basic information

  • Founded in: 2006
  • Located in: Western and South Western Regions of Sydney

Short Description:
Football United aims to use football to support the integration of refugee children, young people and their families into urban communities throughout Sydney and Australia.

In order for Football United to achieve its mission of assisting recently arrived humanitarian refugee youth and families in their transition into Australian society, it is active in the following three areas: facilitating community partnerships; advocating and promoting refugee support; and research.

Football United currently runs weekly football and futsal programmes, holiday camps, leadership training and gala days to reach its target group. The organisation has been successful in gaining the support of local and national football clubs and bodies, the government and high profile members of the football and media community.

Recently, the Australia Research Council awarded Football United a three-year grant to conduct a research project on the impact of football and sport on social inclusion and community participation of refugee populations in urban areas.

Target Group:
Male and female refugees between 5 and 25 years of age

Thematic field(s):

  • Anti-discrimination & social integration, health promotion