The Football for Hope Centre in Ghana will be hosted by Play Soccer, an organisation working with young homeless people. The local population in the Coastal Belt region of Eastern Ghana are Ghanaians and Africans from diverse cultural backgrounds who are employed mainly in educational institutions and the fishing industry.

The community enjoys reasonably high levels of literacy, but homelessness is a growing issue, and young people in the area who are living on the street struggle to take advantage of educational opportunities. Through its previous Football for Hope programmes, Play Soccer has begun to address this issue. By harnessing their passion for football, they provide underprivileged young people with educational support and help develop literacy skills.

The Football for Hope Centre here will offer training in basic football skills to young girls and boys, as well as providing street-children with study opportunities and health facilities. The centre hopes to reach over 1,200 children between the ages of five and 15 per week. They will target both school-children and street-children, and their work will also support the wider community targeting schools, colleges, universities and general residents in the Coastal Belt area.

Since 2000, Play Soccer has been providing holistic recreational sport-for-development programmes for children aged between five and 14 in Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, Senegal, Cameroon and South Africa. As well as offering educational support and health education, Play Soccer aims to encourage girls to participate in football and the Play Soccer programmes.

With Football for Hope's support in 2007 and 2008, Play Soccer has been expanding its programmes across the continent.