Basic Information:

  • Founded in: 1996 with its football programmes commencing in 2002
  • Located in: Buea, South West Province, Cameroon

Short Description:
United Action for Children (UAC) has been working with orphans, street and other vulnerable children for the last five years. In a country where over one million children work and live in the streets, UAC uses football's popularity to get young people off the streets and into classrooms and training centres. Through inter-quarterly and holiday football tournaments, the project provides HIV/AIDS awareness while trying to tackle poverty, youth unemployment/child labour and inter-tribal conflicts in the respective region. The participating youths have the opportunity to take part in innovative programmes including the provision of basic education and vocational training in woodwork, painting and IT as well as workshops on HIV/AIDS education, sports and disability issues. Through these programmes, the streetfootballworld network member (since 2005) strives to create a caring society and environment for children and young people in Cameroon.

Target Groups:

  • Youths
  • Homeless and displaced children
  • AIDS orphans
  • Children out of school
  • The unemployed

Thematic Fields:

  • Children's Rights and Education
  • Environment
  • Health Promotion
  • Anti-discrimination and Social Integration
  • Peace and Reconciliation

Support in the Framework of the Football for Hope Movement:
United Action for Children (UAC) is using football to mobilise out of school teens and rural youth to educate them about HIV/AIDS and to meet the emotional and vocational training needs of AIDS orphans and rural children. The Football for Hope supported project includes the construction of two Peace Gardens with integrated multifunctional playgrounds in four rural communities. The core activity of the project will be the inter-quarter/village football competitions organised on the first Saturday of the month. In addition, clean-up campaigns, thematic discussions an cooperative activities on farming, crafts and tree planting will be organised on the second, third and fourth Saturdays of each month respectively. The Peace Gardens are aimed at tackling social exclusion and increase the activity levels of young people. The project will be running in rural South West Cameroon from June 2007 until June 2008.

In 2006, Football for Hope supported a coaching exchange project between UAC and Search and Groom from Nigeria.

Contact Details:
Contact Person: Thomas Eyong Orock
Position: Project Director
Address: P.O.BOX 177
City: Muyuka, South West Province
Country: Cameroon
Telephone: +2377720418