The momentum of the FIFA World Cup™ on the host continent will be utilised to create 20 long-term projects that will include the development of football, health care and educational facilities. As part of the FIFA World Cup Official Campaign (link to Official Campaign Intro Article), 20 Football for Hope Centres will be constructed across Africa.

Five will be located in South Africa, with a further fifteen spread across the continent. Each centre will feature a small-size pitch (20x40m) with one-star artificial turf and surrounding grandstands along with classrooms and health care facilities, providing youths a place to play as well as access to counselling, health and educational services.

The Football for Hope Centres are, above all, an investment in existing organisations that use the power of the game to promote positive social change in their communities. The centres will be located at the sites of Football for Hope implementing partners, all of which are NGOs active in the field of Development through Football.

Their construction will not only ensure the long-term infrastructural basis of these organisations but also improve the delivery of their unique programmes. These programmes utilise football as a tool for social development in the areas of Health Promotion, Peace Building, Children's Rights & Education, Anti-Discrimination & Social Integration and the Environment.

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, the Centres will transform into hubs of football passion. Giant screens will broadcast all the action from the 64 matches in South Africa's FIFA World Cup stadiums live.

In Alexandra, Johannesburg, one of the Football for Hope Centres will play a particularly important role. During the final week of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, 32 teams from across the globe will converge on Alexandra's centre for a very different festival of football. The Football for Hope Festival 2010 (link to FFH Festival 2010 article) will showcase best practise in the field of Development through Football.

The teams will represent Football for Hope implementing partners and be made up of boys and girls aged between 15 and 18, selected in recognition of their personal commitment to their community. The mixed-gender teams will demonstrate their silky skills in a fast-paced, high-intensity tournament to decide the 2nd Street Football World Champion.

The Football for Hope Centres represent a key contribution to the legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Long after the final whistle is blown, the centres will continue to serve their local communities through sustainable Development through Football programmes that use the beautiful game to inspire positive social change.

Football for Hope: a Movement!

The Football for Hope Movement is the key element of the strategic alliance between FIFA and streetfootballworld, created to enhance dialogue and collaboration between football associations, committed clubs and players, professional leagues and involved commercial partners as well as local organisations advancing social development.

The Movement, led by FIFA in its capacity as world football's governing body and streetfootballworld ( as the driving force behind a global network of organisations that use the potential of football to promote and facilitate social development, aims to utilise the role of football in the society in order to contribute to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals.