Basic Information

  • Founded in: 1996
  • Located in: Cambodia

Short Description:
With registered NGOs in the UK and USA, Spirit of Soccer (SOS) has been saving lives by educating communities of post conflict regions on the dangers of landmines. Having worked successfully for ten years in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Spirit of Soccer has now concentrated on its activities in Cambodia. Through football, children and coaches learn and spread the message about the dangers of landmines. The organisation also donates thousands of footballs and distributes technical information to both players and coaches on coaching methodologies for youth players and information on keeping safe from ERW (Explosive Remnants of War). The success of the streetfootballworld network member (since 2006) is evident in the wide audience it has already reached. During 2006 over 22,000 children received Mine Risk Education from SOS trained coaches through Soccer based activities. Future goals include expanding to other high risk land mined areas such as Iraq, Lebanon, and Vietnam.

Target Group:
Children who live in heavily mined areas as a result of conflict.

Thematic Field(s):

  • Health Promotion
  • Children's Rights and Education

Support in the Framework of the Football for Hope Movement:
Through Football for Hope's support, Spirit of Soccer has been able to expand its activities in Cambodia to other affected regions of the country and to reach over 20.000 children per year on the dangers posed by land mines. In addition to the football activities, land mine awareness is promoted through promotional material such as posters and T-shirts. The programme can call on the success of its forbearer in Bosnia & Herzegovina and is officially endorsed by international mine field detection institutions.

Contact Details:
Contact Person: Scott Lee
Address: 73 Bucknell Avenue
Postal Code: 15905
City: Johnstown, PA
Country: USA
Telephone: +1 814 539 6148