• FIFA Quality Programme

    The FIFA Quality Programme is offering an internationally recognised and dependable industry standard for quality and reliability in the areas where it matters to football players most: the equipment, surface, technology and services used for their game.

  • [PDF] Laws of the Game

    The IFAB is the universal decision-making body for the Laws of the Game of ...
    Laws as they apply within the scope of world football as organised by FIFA,.
  • Education & Technical - Referees - Laws of the Game -

    Welcome to's dedicated section on the Laws of the Game. Here you
    can read the latest updated version of the Laws which were last modified at the ...
  • [PDF] FIFA Laws of the Game

    Mar 5, 2016 ... References to the male gender in the Laws of the Game in respect of referees,
    assistant referees, players and officials are for simplification and ...
  • [PDF] FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game

    64. The Reserve Assistant Referee. 66. Referee and Assistant Referee Signals.
    67. Interpretation of the Futsal Laws of the Game and. Guidelines for Referees.
  • [PDF] FIFA Laws of the Game 2007/2008

    Laws of the Game 2007/2008. July 2007. Authorised by the International Football
    Association Board. This booklet may not be reproduced or translated in whole.
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    Laws and Regulations. General. FIFA Governance Regulations 2016 · Electoral
    ... Laws of the Game. Laws of the Game 2016/2017 · Beach Soccer Laws of the ...
  • [PDF] Laws of the Game 2006

    or in part in any manner without the permission of FIFA. Published by ...
    References to the male gender in the Laws of the Game in respect of referees,
    assistant ...
  • FIFA Official Documents -

    From archived financial reports to published circulars, on subjects as diverse at
    the Laws of the Game, the regulations of each and every FIFA tournament, ...
  • History of the Laws of the Game - From 1863 to the Present Day ...

    Football has come a long way since its first laws were drawn up in London in
    1863. That historic meeting at the Freemasons' Tavern led not only to the ...
  • History of the Laws of the Game - 1990 - 2000 -

    1991. Extension of the above mandatory instruction from 1990 which was made
    an official IFAB decision) Decision: If, in the opinion of the referee, a player, ...