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Watch the very close game between Bayern Munich left-back David Alaba and the new FIFA Interactive World Cup Champion Abdelaziz Alshehri. At the end, Abdelaziz proved that he truly is the best FIFA video game player in the world.

Fri, 22 May 2015 15:15:00 GMT Area=Tournament Section=Competition Kind=Video Tournament=FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015
<![CDATA[FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Final]]>http://www.fifa.com/interactiveworldcup/videos/y=2015/m=5/video=fifa-interactive-world-cup-2015-final-2607392.html2607392Replay all the action from the three day FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final 2015 in Munich!  ]]>Thu, 21 May 2015 17:25:00 GMT Area=Tournament Section=Competition Kind=Video Tournament=FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015