This week, the Video of the Week takes us to Mexico. Approximately 20 million people live in the country’s capital city, including almost two million underprivileged children and young people, some of whom call the streets home. 

Street Soccer Mexico’s mission is to help precisely these young people by using the power of football to take the youth of Mexico City off the streets and lead them onto the football pitch. 

Bryan Diaz is one of these young people. He left home to begin his life on the streets at the age of 10. He was addicted to drugs, involved in criminal activity, did not attend school and had no job. Football was the furthest thing from his mind, but then he discovered Street Soccer Mexico.

This week’s Video of the Week tells how Bryan dealt with the hardship of living on the streets, why he is seeking to re-establish contact with his parents and how he has blossomed into a promising young goalkeeper.