Cristiano Ronaldo was recently the happy recipient of the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2013, awarded to the world's best footballer. Even as he was receiving the coveted prize, however, the ball continued to roll in every corner of the globe and above all, it is young talent playing a decisive part.

FIFA’s Grassroots programme supports the stars of tomorrow in their desire to play the beautiful game. In doing so the governing body of world football puts in place precise planning, including crucial analysis of the relevant challenges, as well as two important pillars.

Firstly, after preparations are concluded, seminars are offered to future coaches in order to make certain that children and youngsters receive the right training. The second pillar is the Grassroots festival - a festival, not a tournament, which makes a crucial difference.

In a festival, there are no winners: in fact, all the participants play the same number of games. This helps everyone involved develop a positive spirit of togetherness and community.

In the video of the week, we show children who, despite adverse circumstances, refuse to let themselves be dissuaded from their favourite pastime: football.