Ipanema was voted the sexiest beach in the world by the Travel Channel. It is, after all, renowned for its picturesque sunset and for the 1960s mega-hit Garota de Ipanema (The Girl From Ipanema), which was inspired by teenage stunner Helo Pinheiro.

It is also renowned for what Ruud Gullit would call ‘sexy football’. Indeed, you’ll see countless games of beach soccer being played on the Ipanema throughout the day, while it remains a point of reference for enthusiasts of the enchanting foot-volley.

Seen being played in the above picture, futevôlei is two-versus-two sport which is very similar to volleyball rule-wise, with the big difference being that participants use their feet instead of their hands. It requires exceptional technique, but that is something the Brazilians have never been short of.

So, if you’re in South America’s most populous country for the FIFA Confedrations Cup, be sure to check foot-volley out – or, if you’re feeling courageous, test your skill at it against the locals!