“I need to see a doctor! It was absolutely crazy! I can’t explain what happened on the pitch, yet I was a witness to it! Everybody was close to a heart attack at the end!”
Jurgen Klopp following Borussia Dortmund’s dramatic elimination of Malaga

“One person who helped me a lot was Paul Gascoigne – he taught me all the swear words!”
Mirandinha on adapting on life in England

"Mourinho's face looks like his backside. He knew very well who I was at the time. We had met when I was with Brescia and he was part of Barcelona’s staff. He wanted to meet our coach back then. He was playing a character, a comedian. He's not worth much as a coach, but he's one of the best motivators in the world."
Pietro Lo Monaco, the Messina owner, whom Mourinho claimed he hadn’t heard of while he was in charge at Inter Milan and the Italian was Catania’s sporting director

“When I was ten, my mother asked me if I really wanted to go to Porto Alegre. I said that I wanted to chase my dream, to become a footballer. She said, ‘I can see that if you stay here, you’ll be unhappy. I’ll let you go, but whenever you want to come back, the front door will be open.’ I’ve always been a long way from my family and have never had my mother’s affection present in my life. From the age of 11 Inter provided me with everything: accommodation, food, education. I have a real fondness for Inter.”
Alexandre Pato, who was brought up in Parana state before leaving, on his own as a ten-year-old, for Rio Grande do Sul to join Internacional’s youth academy

"The Premier League used to be the best national league in the world until 2009. Now the Premier League is only the best league in Asia. How many English teams are still in the Champions League? None. That's because they have stopped improving their league a few years ago. They sat on top of the money and said, 'that's it'. They don't think about which players they could take there in order to improve their teams and the level of their football. They only want players with a name, to catch attention. The Premier League is out – totally out. The Bundesliga is now the best league in the world.”
Paul Breitner

“Galatasaray did not play with 11 men today – they played with 50,000.”
Jose Mourinho salutes the influence of the Turkish giants’ fans following Real Madrid’s 3-2 loss in Istanbul

"We met a team that physically, technically, and in terms of experience and belief – on every level – was superior to us. Away from home perhaps we could have used the excuse that Juve were a bit average, but this evening we did what we could. Bayern are on another level.”
Gianluigi Buffon

“Just had my first ice bath. Note: If someone is laughing as you're getting into something, you probably should stop getting in!”
Harry Styles, a member of the pop super-group One Direction, on Twitter after spending the day at Newcastle United – one which included the band members partaking in an 11-a-side game and having lunch with the players

“I love football more than anything. However, the day Leo stops playing, I will think of it as an illusion and not watch football again.”
Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father