"If I could sign one player for Real Madrid, it wouldn't be Messi, I'd rather reinforce another position. We have Cristiano; who needs Messi? God gave [Ronaldo] a special gift."
Carlo Ancelotti 

"He's the kind of player who infuriates me. I was not born a footballer like him. I achieved what I did because of all the hard work I put in. I had to make sacrifices. Balotelli, and a few others, have everything that I would have liked to have. It angers me that he does not use his talent to his full advantage."
Gabriel Batistuta on Mario Balotelli

"The way I see it, we’ve had a generation of heirs who lived off the achievements of their predecessors but who didn’t bring their knowledge to bear in the rebuilding process."
Raymond Domenech in an interview with FIFA.com on France's post-Zidane generation

"You have seen a world-class performance, probably one of the best individual performances I've seen at Anfield - and I've been playing here a long time... I think he's getting so close to the main two, Ronaldo and Messi. If he keeps going, I think he can catch them. His fourth goal was average and it was a 30-yard free-kick!"
Steven Gerrard on Luis Suarez's four-goal performance in Liverpool's 5-1 win over Norwich

"I dreamt of being a forward, but I wasn’t talented enough. I started off as a right-winger, but my coaches pushed me further and further back. So much so that I ended up in defence, because I wasn’t good with my hands and there was nowhere else to go!"
Thiago Silva on becoming a centre-half

“What would I give to see Uruguay win the World Cup in Brazil again? Life itself! I've already experienced it as a player, but to witness it again from the stands would be priceless.”
Alcides Ghiggia, sole survivor of the Uruguay side that became world champions in 1950

"We don't compare ourselves with the team that won six trophies in one year. We will lose in every comparison."
Gerard Pique on continuing comparisons between the current Barcelona side and Pep Guardiola's European and world champions 

"When I came to Atletico and Cuca explained to me what he had in mind for the team, I said it sounded great. I love being the main creator: it’s something I’ve always done. For me it works perfectly, on a practical and emotional level. It just makes sense."
Ronaldinho on his central creative role in an interview with FIFA.com 

"So, we will be meeting old friends. It's already something special to have the USA in our group. Jurgen and I have had a very good and close relationship for a long time. We have always exchanged ideas on a regular basis, but that will certainly change before the World Cup match."
Joachim Low on drawing USA, coached by his friend and former colleague Jurgen Klinsmann, in yesterday's Final Draw

"I can say that Totti is a simple man, humble. He's never skipped training, he's never asked for special treatment, even though he's 36. Maybe he's not a leader in the dressing room. He's not one of those that shouts to motivate the troops but he is appreciated by his team-mates because he's an intelligent guy and sets an example on the field. Having seen him, I can say that he's not only a great player but he's simply one of the greatest players in the history of football."
Rudi Garcia on Francesco Totti

"When he was honoured and cheered by the crowd at Johannesburg’s Soccer City stadium on 11 July 2010, it was as a man of the people, a man of their hearts, and it was one of the most moving moments I have ever experienced. Nelson Mandela will stay in our hearts forever."
Joseph S. Blatter on Nelson Mandela