"My wife is over the moon. I retired immediately. I told my manager yesterday that if Harry plays I wouldn't be coming back. I have come home now and will not be going back. Not bad for a daft bet. He used to chase the ball around the front room on his hands and knees even before he could walk – that's what gave me the idea.”
Peter Edwards, a 62-year-old electrical contractor, after winning £125,000, on a £50 bet placed at odds of 2,500-1 in 2000, that his grandson Harry Wilson, then three, would play at senior international level for Wales

"Iniesta definitely deserves a Ballon d'Or. Messi gets all the attention in the media because of his great performances, but all the players realise that Iniesta is absolutely amazing. If I had to compare him to someone, I would say Zinedine Zidane. Andres is phenomenal. The problem is that he has two animals ahead of him in Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s no denying that Cristiano is a beast as well."

“I’m going to put two mastiffs on him.”
Carlo Ancelotti on how Real Madrid will neutralise Andrea Pirlo

"My first contact with Mario was when he sent me a picture of him smoking a cigar! I liked it, I laughed. If I had the chance I would like to talk to Mario, by ourselves in a room, and explain about the bad experiences I had in football. People should leave Balotelli in peace. I think a manager should judge him on what he does on the pitch. For me, there is Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Balotelli."
Diego Maradona

"Technically the best? Absolutely Ronaldo - and not Cristiano. Van Basten was very good, but I think when Ronaldo was, at his fittest, the best."
Fabio Capello, who coached the likes of Alessandro Del Piero, Raul, Ronaldo, Francesco Totti and Marco van Basten, on who was the best forward he worked with

"He has a fantastic physique. He has some great abs – he looks spectacular. He looks to be in great shape, so it’s clear he's a great footballer. I don't think he'd be interested in competing in a Mr Olympia. He’s interested in being the best player in the world. They are two different sports, but there is no doubt he is in great shape."
Arnold Schwarzenegger on Cristiano Ronaldo

"You can breathe football here, it's almost like a religion. The God is obviously Maradaona and will be for many years. In any restaurant in Naples you can see souvenirs of him, from shirts to photos. I hope the same can happen with Higuain. He's the idol of the moment. Playing in the San Paolo is extraordinary.I can’t imagine what it would be like in the city if we won the Scudetto.”
Pepe Reina

"There is no centre-back in the world like Varane. For his age, his understanding of the game is amazing. He has the maturity of somebody who has been playing for 20 years."
Fernando Hierro

"Mario has extraordinary abilities. He will become another Messi. Bayern wouldn't have spent as much money on him if they didn't think he'd become a great player. It's all about adapting this year but I can guarantee that next season will be his big break-through."
Christoph Daum on Mario Gotze

"With all the problems that Benzema has been having in front of goal, I would play with Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale in attack. [Bale] could play in the No9 position in my opinion. He is an extraordinary player and I’m confident he would succeed there.”
John Toshack

"I want someone who is honest, who doesn’t mess around, who understands how important it is to be proud to be an international manager, to be proud of what we are trying to achieve in Ireland. Someone who is honest, somebody who has balls, someone who doesn’t take any sh*t from anyone.”
Robbie Keane on who he wants as the next Republic of Ireland manager

"I hit it for victory, for Brazil, for our fans around the world, for our country."
Vedad Ibisevic on the goal that qualified Bosnia-Herzegovina for the FIFA World Cup™

''Dwarf! Bring the new leg-protectors this weekend haha.”
Sergio Sanchez of Malaga to his former team-mate Isco ahed of their clash with Real Madrid

"Why, I wonder? You won't catch me haha."
Isco responding to Sanchez