“When I decide to score, I score. I think I am a genius. I believe I am more intelligent than the average person. If you find another guy like me, I’ll buy you dinner. The talent God gave me is beautiful, magnificent, but it is difficult to deal with because people are always ready to judge you. Only a few people have such talent, so only a few people should be able to judge what I am doing.”
Mario Balotelli

“I probably should be more nervous than I am, but I don’t know enough [about football] to know how badly I’m doing! I’m just having fun and fortunately the other Americans are putting up a great show. Will [Ferrell] has got a massive cannon of a foot. And the skinny Bohemian rock star with the Ron Wood haircut has the sniper shot of the entire team. He’s got a serious, serious bending shot that goes exactly where he wants it every time. Kenny’s talking to him about a contract when this is over!”
Ed Norton, the actor and film producer, discusses his own capabilities and those of Will Ferrell and Kasabian rock star Sergio Pizzorno after a training session – the trio represented Kenny Dalglish’s Rest of the World side against England in a Soccer Aid charity match

“They want to buy Balzaretti? Milan haven’t got the cash to buy brioche for breakfast.”
Maurizio Zamparini ridicules AC Milan’s desire to sign his Palermo star, Federico Balzaretti

“I think that Pep saw something in my team and what it did in the Confederations Cup, when Mexico came out to attack Brazil and Argentina, and that was a philosophy that he enriched with details that now I have to learn. Being a football coach is like any other profession, like a doctor or a lawyer: you have to keep learning and updating your standards to modern practices.”
Ricardo La Volpe on his Mexico side of 2005 being a blueprint for Pep Guardiola’s success at Barcelona

“I think that if we put this La U side against Colo Colo of '91, La U would win. This U team is enjoying a much better period than that Colo Colo side ever did.”
Marcelo Salas on why Universidad de Chile’s current side is the greatest in Chilean football history

“Does it mean a lot of play for England? It did when I played. Whether it does now, I am not too sure. That is the problem Roy has. For me the biggest thing is togetherness and spirit. In 1996, we had a spirit and we were like players at a club. We could not wait to see each other. We need to regain that. Sometimes it is hard. You get some players who do not turn up [or] they retire at a young age - I've never understood that. Why would you want to retire from the pinnacle of your career?”
Paul Ince

“To work in Serie A would be a dream. I love attacking football and it doesn’t exist in Italy. I’d like to bring something new to the game over there.”
Vladimir Petkovic

“It is a shame for all those who like beautiful football [Guardiola] will leave Barça. He made football evolve. I think that everyone will remember Barça in 20 years because they revolutionised football. I think Pep and [Jose] Mourinho are two distinct coaches and people. You have to study Mourinho as a whole. His teams play good football. It is hard to have two Picassos in the same period.”
Arrigo Sacchi