Football plays an important role in life for many people, whether they are the protagonists on the pitch, the coaches in the dugout or the fans in the stands. However, for some, the beautiful game is far more than just a sport.

In this latest edition of Video of the Week, invites you on a journey to the Bufalotta district of Rome, home of Gabbiano FC. Not your average football club, the two player-coaches, Mauro Raffaeli and Santo Rulo, are both doctors who treat their patients by encouraging them to get involved in the beautiful game.

It was Raffaeli who first realised that football could offer hope to one of his mentally-ill patients, and one player soon became an entire team. Nowadays everyone involved enjoys every minute of being out the pitch.

"Football can help people with mental illness, that's for sure," said Benedetto Quirina, one of Raffaeli and Rulo's patients. "It makes you work together as a team."

Join on a journey to the Italian capital and see for yourself how football can provide the best medicine.