The 74th edition of the prestigious Blue Stars/FIFA Youth Cup takes place at the Buchlern sports complex in Zurich once again on 16-17 May, with several big-name clubs to be represented at the tournament. presents an overview of the competition’s rules and regulations.

Any players born in the years 1992, 1993 and 1994 are eligible to play. No older players can be registered, although each team can take a maximum of five players born after 31 December 1994. Furthermore, the event organisers have explained: “In order to strengthen the team and increase quality, players without a license can be selected – for example trialists from another club.”

A maximum of 18 players can be registered on the official list by each team ahead of the tournament. Three players can be brought on per game as substitutes (outfield players or goalkeepers). Players must wear the same shirt number throughout the competition.

Ten teams will compete in total, split into two groups of five. Each team must play the others in their group once, with the top team in each section going on to contest the final. The second-placed teams will compete for third place, the third-placed teams for fifth place and so on until the final positions one to ten have been settled.

If two or more teams in the same group finish on the same number of points, goal difference will decide who finishes higher. If the teams are still level, positions will be calculated based on the number of goals scored, followed by the teams' head-to-head records.

Group stages matches and the play-offs for third to tenth place will all last 2 x 20 minutes. The main final will last 2 x 25 minutes. Each match will have a five-minute break at half-time. All final matches will be decided on penalties in the event of a draw. There will be no extra time.