As is the case in many countries the world over, the Japanese believe that "you are what you wear". Bustling metropolis Tokyo is a prime example of this, with it also being a capital city of fashion as far as the country is concerned. Football though has taken on as much a defining role as clothes and shoes, particularly after the national team shot to glory in the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011™.

Inspired by the 1998 FIFA World Cup France™, the incredible atmosphere around Japan and the country hosting its own FIFA World Cup four years' later, Hirofumi Kiyonaga decided to design jerseys for his own imaginary football team, which goes by the catchy name of FC Real Bristol.

In our Video of the Week you can find out all about this fashion designer whose aim was to win people over to football by means of his clothing. "Ideally people will be interested in our designs and then be drawn to football, either by playing it themselves or going to watch matches in the stadiums," Kiyonaga explained.

The Japanese style guru has yet to realise his dream, however, but if you want to know the full story behind it all, then see what has in store for you…