The saying goes that every picture tells a story and each Monday will set out to prove just that. On a weekly basis we will select an image from our vast archive of photos documenting the history of the beautiful game to highlight its interesting nature, unusual scenario or ability to catch the eye. Read more below to discover further details about what you can see above, and click the links on the right hand side to enjoy previous editions of this series.

Lewis Holtby was not a happy chap when Mainz informed him his presence would be required for a squad photo shoot one afternoon in 2010.

The attacking midfielder envisaged being sat around for ages, bored out of his mind between shots. He envied his team-mates back at Schalke, from whom he was on loan at Mainz, wondering how they’d be spending their leisure time.

Yet it was those Die Königsblauen players who wished they could have been in Holtby’s shoes – or wetsuit, to be precise!

Indeed, the blond youngster and the rest of Thomas Tuchel’s squad were not posing in football jerseys around the club headquarters, but beaming at the cameras while whizzing round the harbour on state-of-the-art Jet Skis!

It's alright for some!