William McCrum played as a goalkeeper for Milford Everton FC of the Irish Football League from 1890 to 1891. However, it was not as his side's shot-stopper that he made a name for himself, but as the inventor of the penalty. In our Video of the Week, FIFA.com investigates the origins of the spot-kick, the cause of so many dramatic moments in the sport.

To begin with, McCrum was ridiculed for his idea. Why on earth would a goalkeeper, of all players, want to be faced with a one-on-one duel for a foul in the 18-yard box? Surely it was far easier to prevent a goal when only a free-kick, which was far easier to block, was awarded.

Still, McCrum felt a more severe punishment was required for infringements nearer the goal. Some speculated he simply sought more of the spotlight as goalkeeper, but the fact is that after some heated discussions on 2 June 1891, the penalty kick was finally accepted into the Laws of the Game.

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