Liberia was wracked by civil war for 14 horrifying years, leaving behind a legacy of devastation and despair. Many of the mainly young people caught up in the fighting sustained severe injuries and must now live with the consequences of a dark period in the nation's history.

Football has emerged as a source of new hope and joy among the citizens of the African country. In particular, the severely disabled men who lost limbs in the conflict have discovered a passion for the world's favourite game.

One of those men is Dennis Parker, who lost the lower part of his right leg and spent a long period seeking to reintegrate into society. Parker held out no hope of a fulfilling life with his partner and their two children, but football has helped him back onto the path of personal success.

Nowadays, the young man is a member of Liberia's disabled national team and represents his country in international matches. Football has succeeded in bringing a smile back to the faces of him and a host of other victims.

The video of the week from FIFA.TV and explores how Parker came to win the most important battle of his life.