"Messi is as spectacular as Ronaldinho and as clinical as Ronaldo and Romario. He has everything in one. He scores plenty of goals, but also directs play like a No10. He is on track to become the best player ever."
Deco on Lionel Messi

"City fans are really passionate and it reminds me a little bit here of Marseille. Arsenal have good fans but they are not that passionate since they moved from Highbury to the Emirates. You play football for a good atmosphere and in the stadium here it is unbelievable."
Samir Nasri compares Arsenal and Manchester City fans

"Barcelona are the only club where I would say, 'If they're interested, that would be a fantastic option'."
Arjen Robben

"As soon as I get the ball, two players are on me and then I have to be clever and run away from them! I like it. I like to be a player who makes others scared."
Nani on his playing style

"It's a crazy world we're in. You only need to lose a couple of games to have critics howling down at you. Who can replace him? It's the most ridiculous situation. The man has been simply unbelievable. He has given Arsenal platforms they never thought they'd get to."
Sir Alex Ferguson defends Arsene Wenger

"I mean it when I say Japan have the potential to win the World Cup in the future. Japan know they have to grow. The world's leading countries have stopped growing as they believe that they are at the top."
Alberto Zaccheroni

"The experiment with Klinsmann was a failure. We were only working on our fitness in training. He didn't care much for tactical stuff. It was up to the players to come together before a match and discuss how we were going to play."
Philipp Lahm

"We had a big celebration in the dressing room, we’ll keep celebrating in the hotel and on the plane home and, once we’re back, we’ve already arranged a barbecue for everyone here so we can continue to savour this."
Henrique to FIFA.com after Brazil’s FIFA U-20 World Cup triumph

"I used to have two Drogba jerseys - one to sleep in and another for when I played in the streets with my friends. I had a poster of Didier on the ceiling above my bed. I always wore the same shoes as Didier. When I met Didier for the first time I was thinking, 'Wow, is he talking to me?'."
Romelu Lukaku on his idol