“I’m a good father. I’m still learning. You cannot express the feeling of being a dad in words. It is impressive to wake up in the morning and see a person of your own flesh and blood. I’ve been a dad for nine months and something new surprises every day: a smile, a gesture, a look… It is spectacular. Having children and enjoying our time with them is the most beautiful thing we can do.”
Cristiano Ronaldo on fatherhood

"When Arsene first came to England they said that he was like a professor watching the game. All the other nutters were jumping up and down shouting and screaming, hollering and hooting - and this man is not like those idiots. He just sits there and is studying every move that goes on on the pitch like chess... Now he has joined the nutters, you know! In fact, he is one of the key nutters!''
Harry Redknapp on Arsene Wenger

“He is not playing in his real position... In Brazil, we compared him to Ronaldinho because he is a very skilled player. But over here, he seems to be playing more defensively and this is not the best way for him to play. If Sir Alex gives him freedom to play, he is going to show that he can be one of the best players in the world.”
Carlos Alberto on Anderson

"Good morning amigos! The issue with the trophy was a misunderstanding... it didn't fall off... it decided to jump by itself while seeing so many madridistas in cibeles!"
Sergio Ramos on Twitter after he dropping the Copa del Rey trophy under a moving bus

"Pastore is not for sale, unless crazy offers arrive. I would like to keep him another year. How much? With €40 million you won't even buy his right boot.”
Palermo owner Maurizio Zamparini on Javier Pastore

“For [my dad], it wasn’t even a question! My mum was open to me playing for any country, and I would probably have been fine with playing for Uzbekistan or Russia. But it was a decision I made many years ago and I’ve never regretted it. Playing for Nigeria puts a smile on my face.”
Peter Odemwingie, born in Uzbekistan to a Russian mother and Nigerian father, tells FIFA.com about his decision to represent the Super Eagles

“I am very grateful to Van Gaal. The help I received under his leadership has brought me the results I see today. Not every coach would have expressed confidence in such a young player like me. Someday I will thank him personally for everything he has done for me."
Thomas Muller on axed Bayern Munich coach Louis van Gaal

"We might as well have got a shotgun and blown off both of our feet."
Ian Holloway on Blackpool’s defending in the 3-1 defeat to Wigan Athletic

“I have always adored a challenge. There is a club I would particularly like to play for and that is Real Madrid. My blood pulses to wear the white jersey or that of a similarly important side.”
Edinson Cavani

“I won’t stay here and I don’t want to stay. Here you just need to fight, run and not much passing. I will give my best for this club, but I prefer to play football. I would like to stay in the Premier League – and I know which club. We will speak and hopefully everything will be good. I love Arsenal and they are always in my heart. If I have a chance to go back then I will."
Birmingham City's Aleksandr Hleb

"Mourinho courted me constantly and said 'Come to Inter, I'll make you win the Champions League.' He was convinced that he would take the trophy and he was right. But I was and am a Juventino, so I said no. I loved Juventus too much to join Inter."
Pavel Nedved

"We haven't been successful since 2007, despite playing good football. That's when you realise that it doesn't work... We have to make a decision whether we want to develop young players or win trophies."
Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas

"I wondered whether we should play football or not, but we are professional football players and supporters will come to see us play. I want to show them our positive attitude for them.”
Nagoya Grampus Eight midfielder Yoshizumi Ogawa on the return of the J.League

“The strikers who’ve been figuring in the Seleção lately are quick players, like Neymar and Nilmar, but they’re not centre-forwards who are used to battling for the ball in the box. There aren’t many players like us in Brazil today and that’s why I want to get back in the team.”
Internacional’s Leandro Damiao to FIFA.com

"I've been in Kenny Dalglish's company many times around the world and one thing never ceases to amaze me. He'll know every player, where they came from, their strengths and weaknesses and how the manager sets his team out. To describe his knowledge as encyclopaedic is to do him a disservice. Tactically, he's so sharp that he leaves the rest of us for dead. He's one of those rare breed, a truly great player who made the transition to become a truly great manager."
Gary Lineker on Kenny Dalglish

"It's clear Barça were superior to Madrid... they were a team with no personality. We saw clearly that their approach was not the right one. Barcelona were a lion, Madrid a mouse."
Alfredo Di Stefano criticises Real Madrid’s defensive showing in the 1-1 home draw in La Liga

"He is one of the most significant people in the history of Real Madrid and I am nothing in the history of Real Madrid. But I am the coach and the coach is the one who decides."
Jose Mourinho responds to Di Stefano

"Benni McCarthy was a big fat mistake. It could be worse, as across the river Fernando Torres, at £50million, remains as thin as two yards of pumpwater and has not scored either."
West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady

"For me it's more important than the European Cup or getting into the European Champions League without a doubt. Beating United in the semi-final will do it for me."
Liam Gallagher, former Oasis singer, on Manchester City's FA Cup semi-final win over their city rivals 

“Messi’s got similar qualities to Maradona, who was a player, too, who did a lot of individual things. Maradona of course won the World Cup, that’s what Messi didn’t win and it will be decided on something like this. But for me, Messi is a great player. [Cristiano] Ronaldo is a more physical player, while the others mentioned are not physical but pure technical players.”
Johan Cruyff on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

"I used to moan about how much football was in our life, but now I do get quite into it. And it could be worse – he could be a cricketer."
Karen Alexander, the wife of Burnley’s Graham Alexander, who last weekend became only the second outfield player to play in 1,000 professional games in English football