“I’m expecting a child and it’s going to be an uphill struggle, because soon my kid will know all the dumb things I did! But there are just two things that really count: education and having a ball between his feet. The boy is showing positive signs already, as he constantly kicks in his mother’s tummy - both right and left footed!”
Antonio Cassano

“I believe it’s the way football should be played. Brazil used to beat teams by out-scoring them. For the price of a ticket these days, you should be entertained.”
Ian Holloway defends his relegation-threatened Blackpool team’s adventurous football

“It was as if they parked a Boeing 777 or a ship in front of their goal.”
Dejan Stankovic on Sampdoria, who held out for over 70 minutes en route to a 2-0 defeat by Inter Milan

"I’ve learned a lot [from Guardiola], and consider him a football maestro. It's like going to school every day!”
Victor Valdes

"You would think that some of us do not even want to play in the Champions League. We play in the Bundesliga and not the Bezirksliga (district league) - everyone should know this."
Rene Adler on Bayer Leverkusen allowing Werder Bremen to recover a two-goal deficit in the last seven minutes of their 2-2 draw

After the defeat to Fiorentina, I took [Rossi] to my house and we analysed the game. I made him watch the mistakes from the corner. I wanted to make him take note of his mistakes. In Italian football there is the idea that a president should only put money in, but this is impossible with me.”
Maurizio Zamperini following his removal of Delio Rossi from the Palermo hot-seat

“I have everything I dream of at Chelsea. I'm at a great club with extraordinary team-mates, in a perfect life for my family. A few years ago, I could say, 'I dream of playing for AC Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United'. However, today I no longer feel the need. These desires left me long ago."
Didier Drogba

“Our triumphs are good for us and the city of Milan. Traditionally, we have more roots in the city compared to I Rossoneri. The Nerazzurri fans have always been considered the real people of Milan.”
Massimo Moratti

“Without doubt the sensation is, after the World Cup, greater than it was when I won my first call-up. I dreamt about this all the time”
Lucio on being named in Mano Menezes’s Brazil squad for the first time

“It's Ronaldo's fault. The idea to play football, and not basketball like my father, was borne out of watching Ronaldo on TV. I wanted to become like him. I actually started out as a centre-back, though, but when they discovered I couldn’t defend, I got moved up field.”
Luc Castaignos, Feyenoord’s 18-year-old striker who has signed a pre-contract with Inter Milan

“It's just incredible. Maldini springs to mind with AC Milan but I think Giggsy has even gone past him.”
John O’Shea

“You get lots of direct, long passes in England, and lots of physical contact. There’s much more short passing in Germany, and more technically good football. There are only two or three teams in England playing genuinely good football.”
Claudio Pizarro to FIFA.com

"I can't believe it, I am dreaming! Thank you, God!!"
Lucas on Twitter following his Brazil call-up

“Torres didn't score but I don't ask my strikers to score. I ask them to play for the team. Torres did a very good job with that. He worked for the team, put pressure on the defenders, moved well in front and worked hard. That's enough for me.”
Carlo Ancelotti on Fernando Torres’ performance against Manchester United

“If they would honour me with a nomination I would be here of course. But I would definitely put something in my ears. I couldn't stop it. I have to follow the game. The thing is, when we won the World Cup that was something ... really great."
Javier Bardem, at the Oscars, to the question asked by German TV station Pro7 “What would happen if Spain would play at Oscar Night and you would be nominated?"