"On turning on to the only road that leads down to the training base, I came across a huge crowd. At first I didn't realise what was happening and then it all became clear - Beckham fans! There were fans and journalists arriving like we were going to the World Cup Final - I barely made it through the crowd. I wouldn’t be surprised if, when I come to training tomorrow, David is still there signing autographs!”
Roman Pavlyuchenko on his arrival at David Beckham’s first training session with Tottenham Hotspur

“I’ve earned this prize after just ten years as a head coach. I’ve gone from an assistant coach to the best in the world in ten years, so what I’ve achieved is quite sensational.”
Jose Mourinho to FIFA.com on being named FIFA Coach of the Year for Men’s Football

“I used to see the Flamengo supporters on television, and I always imagined what it would be like to play for a club with such a huge fan-base. But today was way beyond anything I imagined. I’m very emotional. It’s been an unforgettable day in my life. I’m more motivated now than I ever have been in my career.”
Ronaldinho on his presentation as a Flamengo player in front of over 20,000 fans

“Brazil would be like a symphony, with lots of different movements, different ways of playing and different styles. England would sound more like The Rolling Stones - always working on the same level, but when it comes off, it really is great.”
Jamie Cullum, the jazz superstar, gives A Seleção and the Three Lions musical comparisons in a chat with FIFA.com

"The best signing of the season was Ibrahimovic, but Cavani has overtaken him. He is the best player in Serie A. He’s more decisive than Ibrahimovic."
Sinisa Mihajlovic

“I’ve got a room where I put all my trophies and an area set aside for all the FIFA ones. I’ve still got more space though, and even if I didn’t I’d soon find some!”
Marta to FIFA.com after being named FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year for the fifth successive year

“I am pretty sure this will be the last club of my career. I have made many mistakes but I have no regrets. Now it's time for me to change. I want to win and do things right. Everything here at Milan is perfect. If I don't manage to succeed here, I should be locked up in a madhouse.”
Antonio Cassano

“I love it here. I love the players and I love the down-to-earth attitude at the club. If I have the opportunity, I would stay here for the rest of my career."
Rafael van der Vaart on life at Tottenham Hotspur

"It isn’t a coincidence that he has won so many titles over the last five or six years. I have learned so much in the little time we have spent together. I learn something new every day. I feel more complete than ever and I want to continue learning because Mourinho is one of the reasons behind our success."
Cristiano Ronaldo on Jose Mourinho

"I spoke with Maradona. He said I must not be afraid and should take the No10 shirt. I told him it was a matter for the club, but I would not be scared of such responsibility.”
Ezequiel Lavezzi on the jersey Napoli retired in tribute to Diego Maradona

"He was one of the greatest players this club has ever had and has done a huge service to this club. The only way we can pay him back is always to be welcoming, as we are with all our former players when they want to get fit."
Arsene Wenger on having Thierry Henry training with Arsenal during close-season in the MLS

“I didn’t expect it because everyone had been talking so much about Xavi and Andres [Iniesta]. They won the World Cup, which usually goes a long way to deciding who wins this award, and they both had big parts to play in that. That’s why I thought one of them would be going up to collect the trophy. It was a wonderful surprise.”
Lionel Messi to FIFA.com on winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or

“When you get to train seven times a week next to Eto’o, Zanetti and Wesley Sneijder, that makes up for the experience you’d get in the first team of a less prestigious Serie A side. I’m happy to be in the front row to learn more.”
Jonathan Biabiany to FIFA.com

"I think he can become just like Messi. Maybe in a year he will be there.”
Abel Hernandez on Palermo team-mate Javier Pastore

"If Tottenham decide to put him on the market, Bale would definitely be the biggest target in the summer. Perhaps he is the only non-striker that can change a game."
Roberto Mancini

“The countries that are about to host the World Cup won’t know yet what will hit them. It’s electrifying! No-one could have predicted that South Africans would feel so good about themselves. It was reminiscent of the time when Nelson Mandela was released from prison or when we won the Rugby World Cup. You can’t put a monetary value on it. So many South Africans of so many different races walked tall with their heads held high.”
Archbishop Desmond Tutu to FIFA.com