Things to do in the United Kingdom
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Visit Stonehenge – Located in Wiltshire, these stones are a prehistoric monument and are famous around the world. Myths and legends surround the site, which has become a popular destination for tourists.

Walk along Hadrian’s Wall – A significant amount of this wall, which was first built in 122AD, still exists and can be accessed freely. One of the first fortifications built in the UK, it is named after the emperor Hadrian, who was ruler at that time.

See the Queen’s home – Buckingham Palace is one of the most popular attraction in the UK. It serves as the office and residence of the Queen and visitors can take a tour of the State Rooms, which house various treasures from the Royal Collection.

Go to Snowdonia – With 100 lakes, 90 mountain peaks, the largest mountain in the country and miles of coastline, a trip to Snowdonia National Park in Wales is the perfect day out.

Learn about Scotland – Scotland has many civic museums including Glasgow’s Hunterian – the oldest public museum in the country – the National Museum of Scotland and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.