English: No
English: Yes
English: Thank you very much
English: Excuse me
English: Can you please help me?
English: Good morning
English: Good afternoon
English: Good evening
English: Bye / See you
English: Goodbye
English: My name is ..
English: What is your name?
English: Do you speak...
English: I only speak a little English
English: I don't speak English
English: I don't understand

On the way
English: Where is the stadium?
English: left / right
English: straight ahead
English: near (close) / far
English: How far is it?
English: Is it in walking distance?
English: How do I get to the stadium?
English: Which bus/tram/train do I have to take?
English: Where is the bus station (train station)?
English: Where is the airport?
English: Where can I park?
English: Is this the right turnstile for me?
English: I am looking for seat number... in row... number....
English: I am lost. I can't find my friends
English: Where can I buy...?

English: I need a doctor
English: I need a dentist
English: I am in a lot of pain
English: I am injured
English: Could you please call an ambulance?
English: Where do I find a hospital?
English: I was robbed
English: Where is the nearest police station?
English: I need help
English: Please call the police
English: Help!

Eating and drinking
English: Is there a good restaurant near here?
English: Where do I find the next bar/pub?
English: A beer please
English: I would like to have a glass of red wine/ white wine
English: A large/small beer
English: A table for three please
English: Cheers
English: Give me the bill please
English: How much do I have to pay?
English: Do you take credit cards?

English: I have booked a room
English: I need a room
English: I am looking for the youth hostel
English: I am looking for the camp site

English: one
English: two
English: three
English: four
English: five
English: six
English: seven
English: eight
English: nine
English: ten
English: eleven
English: twelve
English: thirteen
English: fourteen
English: twenty
English: twenty one
English: thirty
English: fourty
English: hundred

Make your hosts smile
English: Of course it crossed the line!
English: They think it's all over - it is now!