Coca-Cola made a colourful splash at the FIFA Confederations Cup with its wonderfully evocative branding. 

Special editions of colourful Coca-Cola cans, the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil Coca-Cola collection, for instance, proved as eye-catching as the branded subway transport turnstiles and many more out of home activations that made such an impact on Rio de Janeiro.


Coca-Cola ensured everyone, and we do mean EVERYONE, remained refreshed and fully hydrated


Refreshing Us All

As for the tournament itself, Coca-Cola ensured everyone involved with the competition, and we do mean EVERYONE, remained refreshed and fully hydrated – a vital consideration in tropical climates whether you are a volunteer greeting fans as they arrive at the stadium, a member of the Ball Crew who work so hard to keep the matches flowing or, well, Fernando Torres or Neymar!

As part of the iconic beverage producer's Value in Kind commitment to the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013, a comprehensive range of Coca-Cola products, such as Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite and Crystal water, were freely available. Among those to benefit were VIPs, hospitality areas, FIFA staff, Official Banquet guests, everyone involved with the FIFA Youth Programme, tournament volunteers, doping control officials, and even the pitch photographers who work so hard to capture all the action for the fans around the world.

Straight to the Source

Even a genius like Neymar needs adequate hydration. Thankfully, there was plenty of Powerade at hand.

Popular Destinations

Coca-Cola also activated commercial displays at all six Host City stadiums and these proved to be extremely popular destinations in their own right as fans enjoyed a range of games, premiums and product tastings.

Through the activities at the Commercial Display area, Coca-Cola were able to engage fans directly with the participating teams, offering attractive services such as sticker and spray body decorations.

Concession stands operated by staff in branded caps and t-shirts, meanwhile, were on hand at all the stadiums to offer a full range of Coca-Cola products

Worn With Pride

Coca-Cola stickers and spray-on body decorations proved popular among fans.

Power to the Players

Coca-Cola's specialist sports drink Powerade was available for all teams and referees to help maximize performance in what were sometimes sweltering conditions.

Powerade has quickly become as essential to the footballers as their boots and is always within easy reach for players, and officials, to ward off the considerable perils of dehydration.