Demand on communications technology is a crucial consideration ahead of any FIFA competition.

The huge demand placed upon communications and information technology requirements is a crucial consideration ahead of any FIFA competition these days.

FIFA was extremely fortunate therefore to form a relationship with Oi, Brazil's largest telecommunications company, ahead of the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 and the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. 

We Were There

Oi's 'You Are Taking Part' activation was a great success.

Oi, an expert in the region, offers local and long-distance voice transmission, mobile telephony, data communication, access to the Internet and entertainment, and is already a major contributor to sporting development within its homeland. 

“Efficient and reliable communications are a vital and integral part of everything we do in the modern world, and to approach a FIFA tournament without the help and expertise of a major telecommunications provider would be unthinkable,” explained FIFA Marketing Director Thierry Weil when announcing Oi's commitment to the cause.


Oi is Brazil's largest telecommunications company and represents a perfect fit

Thierry Weil,

FIFA Marketing Director 

This Goes There

Telecommunications is a job for experts at a FIFA tournament. 

You Are Taking Part

Oi joined forces with FIFA Partner Sony in the lead-up to the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 when launching their “You Are Taking Part” initiative. The campaign offered the chance to win eagerly sought-after tickets to games in one of the six Host Cities once they'd committed to an Oi Smartphone plan and a Sony Smartphone.

Business partners of Oi were also privileged to get a glimpse behind the scenes of Oi's extensive operations at a FIFA tournament on match day. The guests were given a guided and explanatory tour to the various parts of all six Host Stadiums (at every match), including media and broadcast centres and the operational nerve centres.   

Oi's uniformed staff could be seen in and around each of the Host Stadiums on game day, busily meeting the telecommunications demands of the world's media and helping to ensure everyone stayed connected. Oi's simple but unique commercial display stands in Rio de Janeiro gave stadium goers a great opportunity to have that “I was there” photograph that all fans love to have as their souvenir of their experience.