Castrol helped FIFA ensure that the Hospitality Programme at the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 was the most successful in the event's history.

The company entertained some 556 guests as part of its activation, split between the capital Brasilia (183) and Rio de Janeiro (373). Guests were royally entertained in custom decorated lounges and enjoyed excellent views of the unfolding drama from prime seating.

  • 556 guests

    were entertained by Castrol

Innovating the game

Castrol has taken the football world by storm in recent years, adopting its expertise in data analysis to create the Castrol Index.

This definitive system for rating player performance has proved a huge hit among players, coaches and fans alike. Previously used at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, the Castrol Index uses the latest FIFA tracking technology to capture data on each player, which is then analysed by a team of Castrol Performance Analysts.

Every pass, tackle and move on the field is measured and assessed to see if it has a positive or negative impact on a team's ability to score or concede a goal. The team of Castrol Performance Analysts crunch all the data to award each player a Castrol Index score out of 10 - the stronger the player's performance, the higher their score.

This innovative data takes “armchair coaching” to a whole new level. Now fans and would-be-coaches (as well as professional coaches) have near real-time data available to use to help form their opinions of players.

Emotional Response

Tahiti goalkeeper Mikael Roche gives thanks following the Pacific Islanders' historic game against Spain.

The Castrol Index is also the foundation of the company's website which utilises a huge quantity of historical data to come up with an entertaining array of features and items for enthusiasts of all levels.

Player v player analysis, top 11 internationals since 1966 and a page of Castrol widgets that can be adopted by outside users have all proved popular since the site's launch back in 2009.

Castrol branding was also featured comprehensively, including infotainment spots on the giant screens inside the stadiums, perimeter boards, advertisements in the Official Programme, Host City dressing, outdoor media and at various press conference locations in the lead-up to and during the tournament.

Finding an Edge

The Castrol Index has become an essential tool for professionals and fans alike.