Procedures to determine the winner of a match or play-off
Away goals, extra time and kicks from the penalty mark are the methods
for determining the winning team where competition rules require there to be a winning team after a match has been drawn.
Away goals

Competition regulations may stipulate that if the teams’ score is level after playing one home and one away game, the goals scored in the away match count as double.
Extra time
  extra time shall consist of two equal periods of fi ve minutes
 where a team does not score more than its opponents, the winner of the    match shall be decided by kicks taken from the penalty mark
Kicks from the penalty mark

  the referee shall choose the goal at which the kicks shall be taken
  the referee tosses a coin and the team whose captain wins the     tos sshall decide whether to take the fi rst or second kick
  the referee and the timekeeper shall keep a record of the kicks
  subject to the conditions explained below, both teams shall take
    fi ve kicks
  the kicks shall be taken alternately
  if, before both teams have taken fi ve kicks, one has scored more
    goals than the other could score from all fi ve of its kicks, no more
    kicks shall be taken
  if, after both teams have taken fi ve kicks, both have scored the
    same number of goals, or have not scored any goals, the kicks     shall continue to be taken in the same order until one team has     scored one goal more than the other from the same number of     kicks
  all players and substitutes are eligible to take a penalty kick
  each kick shall be taken by a different player and all eligible players
    shall take a kick before any player may take a second kick
  an eligible player may change places with the goalkeeper at any
    time during kicks from the penalty mark
  only the eligible players and the referees are permitted to remain
    on the pitch during kicks from the penalty mark

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