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1. May the kick-off be taken by somebody other than the players taking part in the match?
No. If, in certain matches (e.g. charity or exhibition matches) a ceremony is arranged whereby a person not participating in the match performs an honorary kick-off, the ball shall be brought back to the centre of the pitch and kicked off in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

2. Who shall blow his whistle for the start of the match after the timekeeper’s acoustic signal has been sounded?
The referee, who shall stand close to the halfway line. The second referee shall stand level with the penultimate defender of the team that is not kicking off.

3. When extra time is played, which team shall kick off?
The referee shall toss a coin and the team that wins the toss shall decide which goal it shall attack in the fi rst half of extra time. The other team shall take the kick-off.

4. May a goalkeeper contest a dropped ball like any other player?
Yes. Any player may.

5. When play is about to be started with a dropped ball, the players of one team refuse to take part. What action shall the referees take?
They shall restart play by dropping the ball. It is not necessary for both teams to participate in order to restart play with a dropped ball.

6. When the ball is dropped to restart play, it bounces directly over the touch line or goal line without having been touched by a player. What action shall the referees take?
They shall restart play with a dropped ball from the same place as before.

7. Shall a specifi c distance between players be observed at a dropped ball?
No, only the distance necessary to avoid obstruction and enable the ball to be dropped correctly.

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