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1. If the ball strikes one of the referees in the face while he is on the pitch and then enters the goal while he is temporarily incapacitated, shall a goal be awarded?
Yes, but only if the goal is legal in the opinion of the second referee.

2. During a match, an object thrown by a spectator strikes a match offi - cial (referee, second referee, third referee or timekeeper) or a player. Play is stopped in order for this person to receive medical treatment. Shall the referee allow the match to continue?
Depending on the severity of the incident, the referee may allow the match to continue, suspend play or abandon the match. In any case,
he shall report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

3. Is the referee authorised to stop play if, in his opinion, the lighting is inadequate?

4. Most matches are played under artifi cial lighting, but this sometimes fails. In such a case, if the lighting system cannot be repaired, shall the whole match be replayed or just the remaining minutes?
If the referee stops a match before the end of the regulation playing time for any of the reasons stated in Law 5, the match shall be replayed in full, unless the regulations of the competition state that the score at the time play was suspended shall be fi nal.

5. May a captain or a team offi cial send off one of his team’s onfi eld players or substitutes for an offence punishable by a sending off?
No. Only the referees may send off an onfi eld player or substitute.

6. Does a team captain have the right to question a refereeing decision?
No, neither the captain nor any other player has the right to show disagreement with a refereeing decision.
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