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1. If the colour of the shirts of the two goalkeepers is the same, what action shall the referee take if neither has another shirt to change into?
He shall allow play to begin.

2. Law 4 provides that the players shall wear jerseys or shirts of a different colour to the opposing team and the goalkeepers. Shall the goalkeepers wear jerseys or shirts of a different colour to those of the referees?
Yes, the players and goalkeepers shall wear clothing that distinguishes them from the referees.

3. When shall a player be cautioned for removing his shirt while celebrating a goal?
He shall be cautioned for unsporting behaviour if he pulls his shirt over his head or covers his head with his shirt.

4. What action shall the referees take if a player removes his shirt to reveal a similar shirt underneath?
They shall caution the player for unsporting behaviour.

5. May a player wear equipment designed to protect him against injury during a match?
Players may wear protective equipment such as knee pads, arm pads and face masks provided that they comply with the provisions of the Law, i.e. provided they pose no danger to either the player himself or to other players.

6. May a player wear spectacles during a match?
Modern sports spectacles made of plastic or a similar material shall not be considered dangerous. Referees shall permit their use in these conditions.

7. The referees request a player to remove jewellery. Some minutes later, the referees realise that the player is still wearing the jewellery. What action shall the referees take?
They shall caution the player for unsporting behaviour and instruct him to leave the pitch to remove the jewellery.

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