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1. A player commits an offence that, according to Law 12, must be penalised with a direct free kick, but the ball is not in play. What action shall the referees take?
An offence has been committed, but not a foul. Consequently, it shall not be recorded as an accumulated foul. Depending on the nature of
the offence committed, the referees shall decide whether or not to take disciplinary measures.

2. While the ball is in play, a substitute commits an offence that is punishable by a direct free kick. What action shall the referees take?
If the substitute infringed the substitution procedure, an indirect free kick shall be awarded against his team in the event that the advantage rule cannot be applied, to be taken from the place where the ball was located at the time of the stoppage*. However, no accumulated foul shall be recorded against his team, irrespective of whether advantage was played or not. The referees shall take the appropriate disciplinary measures.

3. The referees play advantage after an offence which, if play had been stopped, would have led to the match being restarted with a direct free kick. Shall they record an accumulated foul against the offending player’s team once the ball has gone out of play?
Yes. If the referees applied the advantage rule, they shall subsequently indicate to the timekeeper and the third referee that an accumulated foul is to be recorded against the offending player’s team by giving a signal consisting of raising their right arms and index fi ngers and pointing their left arms towards the goal of the team that committed the offence. If the player in question is guilty of misconduct, he shall be sanctioned when the ball next goes out of play.

4. Two players on different sides commit a foul punishable by a direct free kick at exactly the same time. Shall these fouls be recorded as accumulated fouls?
No, because play shall be restarted with a dropped ball at the place where the ball was located when the fouls were committed*.
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