Procedure (for the sixth and any subsequent accumulated fouls)  

  the player taking the free kick shall kick the ball with the intention of scoring a     goal and may not pass the ball to a team-mate
  once the free kick has been taken, no player may touch the ball until it has     been touched by the defending goalkeeper, rebounded off the goalpost or     crossbar, or left the pitch
  if a player commits his team’s sixth foul in the opposing team’s half or in his     own half in the area bordered by the halfway line and an imaginary line     parallel to the halfway line passing through the second penalty mark 10 m     from the goal line, the free kick shall be taken from the second penalty mark.     The second penalty mark is described in Law 1. The free kick shall be taken     in compliance with the provisions of the previous paragraph “Position of free     kick”
  if a player commits his team’s sixth foul in his own half of the pitch between     the 10 m line, the goal line but outside the penalty area, the team awarded     the free kick shall decide whether to take it from the second penalty mark or     the place where the infringement occurred
  additional time shall be allowed for a direct free kick to be taken at the end of     each half or at the end of each period of extra time

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