Accumulated fouls
  are those punished by a direct free kick as mentioned in Law 12
  the fi rst 5 accumulated fouls committed by each team during each
    half are recorded in the match report
  the referees may allow play to continue by applying the advantage
    rule if the team has not yet committed 5 accumulated fouls and the
    opposing team is not denied an obvious goalscoring opportunity
  when applying the advantage rule, the referees shall use the mandatory
    signal to indicate an accumulated foul to the timekeeper and the third     referee as soon as the ball is out of play
  if extra time is played, accumulated fouls from the second period shall     remain valid. Any accumulated fouls during extra time shall be added to     the team’s total from the second period
Position of free kick
For the fi rst 5 accumulated fouls recorded against either team in each
half, and provided the game has been stopped for that reason:

  the players of the opposing team may form a wall to defend a free kick
  all opponents shall be situated at least 5 m from the ball
  a goal may be scored directly in the opponents’ goal from this free kick
Beginning with the sixth accumulated foul recorded against either
team in each half:
  the defending team’s players may not form a wall to defend a free
  the player taking the kick shall be duly nominated
  the goalkeeper shall remain in his penalty area at a distance of at
    least 5 m from the ball
  all the other players shall remain on the pitch behind an imaginary
    line that is level with the ball and parallel to the goal line, and     outside the penalty area. They shall remain 5 m away from the ball     and may not obstruct the player taking the free kick
No player may cross this imaginary line until the ball has been struck
and starts to move.
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