1 A player who has been sent off may not re-enter the play, nor may he sit on the substitutes’ bench, as he is obliged to leave the vicinity of the pitch.
A substitute player may enter the pitch two full minutes after a team-mate has been sent off, unless a goal is scored before the two minutes have elapsed, and provided he has the authorisation of the timekeeper. In this case the following conditions apply:

   if there are 5 players against 4 and the team with the greater number of      players scores a goal, the team with only 4 players may be completed      with a fi fth player
   if both teams are playing with 4 players and a goal is scored, both      teams shall remain with the same number of players
   if there are 5 players playing against 3, or 4 against 3, and the team      with the greater number of players scores a goal, the team with 3      players may be increased by one player only
   if both teams are playing with 3 players and a goal is scored, both      teams shall remain with the same number of players
   if the team scoring the goal is the one with fewer players, the game      shall continue without any change to the number of players

2 Under Law 12, following a clearance by the goalkeeper a player may pass the ball back to him using his head, chest, knee, etc provided that he receives it after it has crossed the halfway line or has been touched or played by an opponent. If, however, in the opinion of the referees, a player uses a deliberate trick while the ball is in play in order to circumvent the Law, the player shall be guilty of unsporting behaviour. He shall be cautioned, shown the yellow card and an indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team from the place where the infringement occurred*. In such circumstances, it is irrelevant whether the goalkeeper subsequently touches the ball with his hands or not. The offence shall be deemed to have been committed by any player who attempts to circumvent both the letter and the spirit of Law 12..

3 A tackle that endangers the safety of an opponent shall be sanctioned
as serious foul play.

4 Any act of simulation on the pitch that is intended to deceive the
referees shall be sanctioned as unsporting behaviour.

5 A player who removes his shirt when celebrating a goal shall be
cautioned for unsporting behaviour.
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