Basic playing equipment
  each goalkeeper shall wear colours that distinguish him from the
    other players and the referees
  if the goalkeepers have shirts of the same colour and neither has a     spare jersey to change into, the referee shall allow play to commence

Non-basic playing equipment
  a player may not wear any piece of equipment that is dangerous
    to himself or another player
  modern protective equipment, such as headgear, face masks,     shinguards and arm protectors made of soft, light material are not
    considered to be dangerous and are therefore permitted
  new technology has ensured that sports glasses are safer for the
    player himself and for other players. Referees should therefore
    show tolerance and permit the use of such glasses.

A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous
to himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery).

All kinds of jewellery are potentially dangerous. Players may not use
tape to cover items of jewellery.

Rings and ear-rings, as well as leather and rubber articles are not
necessary and can only cause injuries.

The word “dangerous” can at times be ambiguous and controversial,
but in the interests of uniformity and consistency, players, substitutes
and match offi cials may not wear any type of jewellery or adornment.

Taping up jewellery does not provide suffi cient protection.

To avoid last-minute problems, teams must inform their players in
advance of this ban on such items.
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