Any player that tries to fool the referees by feigning injury or pretending
to have been the victim of an infringement will be guilty of simulation and will be punished for unsporting conduct. If the match was stopped as a result of this infringement, play shall restart with an indirect free kick from where the infringement was committed*.
Delaying the restart of the match
Referees must caution players who delay the restart of play by using
the following tactics:
  taking a free kick from the wrong place with the deliberate intention
   of obliging the referee to order it to be retaken
  kicking the ball away or picking it up and holding it after the referee
    has stopped the game
  deliberately provoking a confrontation by interfering with the ball
    after the referee has stopped play

Players have the right to consume refreshments during an interruption
in the match, but only at the touch line. Throwing bags of water or any other type of receptacle containing water onto the pitch is not permitted.
Goal celebrations

Even though players are allowed to express their joy when they score a goal, the celebration should not be excessive.

In FIFA circular no. 579, FIFA gave permission to celebrate the scoring of goals in a reasonable manner. However, the practice of rehearsed celebrations should be discouraged if it causes time-wasting, in which case the referees should intervene.

Players will be cautioned, if, in the opinion of the referee, they do any
of the following:
  make provocative, derisory or infl ammatory gestures
  leave the pitch and enter an area in which fans are congregated
    in order to celebrate a goal
  remove their shirt or cover their head with it

Leaving the pitch while celebrating a goal is not a punishable offence
as such, but it is essential that the players return immediately.

The aim is for referees to act preventatively and use common sense
regarding goal celebrations.
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