1 Felt balls are not permitted for international matches.

2 The ball may not bounce less than 50 cm or more than 65 cm on the fi rst rebound when dropped from a height of 2 m.

In competition matches, only balls that meet the minimum technical requirements stipulated in Law 2 shall be permitted for use.

In FIFA competition matches and in competition matches organised under the auspices of the confederations, acceptance of the use of a football is conditional upon the football bearing one of the following three designations:

The offi cial “FIFA APPROVED” logo or the offi cial “FIFA INSPECTED” logo or the “INTERNATIONAL MATCHBALL STANDARD” reference.

Such a designation on a football indicates that it has been tested offi cially and found to be in compliance with specifi c technical requirements, which are different for each category and additional to the minimum specifications

stipulated in Law 2. FIFA shall issue the list of additional requirements specifi c to each of the respective categories and shall select the laboratories responsible for quality control.

Member association competitions may require the use of balls bearing any one of these three designations.
In all other matches, the ball used shall fulfi l the requirements of Law 2.

In the event that an association requires the use of balls bearing the “FIFA APPROVED” or the “FIFA INSPECTED” logos for its own competitions, that association shall also permit the use of balls bearing the royalty-free “INTERNATIONAL MATCHBALL STANDARD” designation.

In FIFA competition matches and in competition matches organised
under the auspices of the confederations and associations, no kind of commercial advertising on the ball is permitted, except for the emblem of the competition, the competition organiser and the authorised trademark of the manufacturer. The competition regulations may restrict the size and number of such markings.
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