Yadanarbon are inaugural winners of the Myanmar National League after nearest challengers Delta United lost 1-0 to Okkthar United. The result put Yadanarbon in an unassailable position, though they ultimately lost their own final match of the season three days later against Yangon United resulting in a two point winning margin at the top of the standings.

Yadanarbon, who represent the Mandalay Division of the country, thereby defended their title of the 2009 season, which had been played as a single round robin followed by a final between the top-two; the 2009/10 championship was the first to be played as a regular double round robin. 

The Myanmar National League replaced the traditional club championship (Premier League) in 2009, and contains 8 clubs representing the main divisions and states of Myanmar. Delta United, representing the Irrawaddy Division, finished second, ahead of Kanbawza, representing Shan State and the only club remaining from the old Premier League.